SP@CE Team: Jacqui Kenyon

By November 2, 2016Team Bios

Design Associate


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Walk into the SP@CE office and you’ll find Jacqui, our in-house Design Ninja, tackling any one of a wide variety of tasks. From creating rolling whiteboard desks, to working her magic on architectural renderings, Jacqui defines the word “cool” at SP@CE headquarters. A true creative, Jacqui’s interest in communicating through art led her to pursue design theory at the University of Virginia. Originally from Richmond, Jacqui chose to stay in Charlottesville after graduation, enticed by the big city amenities and small town vibe. Deciding to turn a summer internship at SP@CE into a full-time gig has allowed Jacqui to pursue her passion for social innovation, as well as continue her favorite Downtown Charlottesville pastime: People watching.

Quick Q&A with Jacqui:

How did you become interested in design?

I have always loved drawing and I became interested in using the tool to communicate ideas to a broad audience when I was exposed to college student design work in high school. Representatives from several art and design colleges visited while I was in high school and I was fascinated by what the students at these colleges were creating.

Professionally, what are you most passionate about?

Exposing myself to new methods of creative thinking and new people while working on projects that create impact in the community.

List your top 5 TV shows:

Daria, House of Cards, Mad Men, Twin Peaks, Portlandia

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