SP@CE Team: Savannah Spidalieri

By November 2, 2016Team Bios

Operations Manager

Favorite Quote:

“‘Good for her! Not for me.’ That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again.” – Amy Poehler, on comparing yourself to/judging other women.

Though not typically a hat person, here at SP@CE Savannah wears many. A Portland-area native, Savannah has never been able to pick one coast over the other – much the way she prefers to tackle multiple projects, roles, and hobbies at once. After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington with a degree in Creative Writing, Savannah chose Charlottesville as the scenery in which to explore her many interests. Co-Founder and Editor of an annual literary magazine, Savannah keeps one foot in the world of writing. Her role as Operations Manager at SP@CE has brought her closer to another subject she’s passionately interested in: startups and entrepreneurship.

Quick Q&A with Savannah:

Professionally, what are you most passionate about?

Encouraging and being a part of a collaborative, positive workplace culture. That, and continuous learning and professional development.

Describe the perfect evening after you leave the office.

Meeting my husband, Alec, downtown for a glass of wine or a cocktail, then heading to Now and Zen for some delicious sushi. When we get home we curl up on the couch with our two dogs, Sawyer and Indy, and watch reruns of Parks and Rec.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

“Just One More Puppy” and Other Lies

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