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October Newsletter

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Hi all,

Thanks for being a part of the official SP@CE Newsletter! We’re excited to keep you in the loop about what is happening at SP@CE.

We have 3 new employees: Savannah, Gena, and Jacqui!

Savannah Spidalieri Headshot

Savannah Spidalieri
Operations Manager

Gena Mangano Headshot

Gena Mangano
Brand Strategist

Jacqui Kenyon Headshot

Jacqui Kenyon
Design Associate

⚗ BioSP@CE Recap

BioSP@CE whiteboard

On Sunday, October 9th, we kicked off our very first BioSP@CE Innovation Program! Over 20 guests joined — ranging from biologists, artists, architects, engineers, and more — to learn about the cutting edge of biotech.

Shaun Moshahsa at BioSP@CE
BioSP@CE discussion

Pictured: Shaun Moshasha, Founder of Open Bio Labs and partner on BioSP@CE

3D Printed Organs GIF

3D-printing was a popular topic of discussion. An early-stage experiment that prints human organs could possibly solve the organ-donor shortage problem. The video also shows a patient who received an engineered kidney, who is now healthy 10 years later.

Slime Mold GIF

This semi-intelligent slime mold seemed to be everyone’s favorite topic of the evening. Inspired by biological design and self-organizing systems, artist Heather Barnett co-creates with the microorganism to produce prints, digital animations, and more.

Watch Now

Meat house

Provocative and inspiring, we watched a video from Mitchell Joachim presenting his vision for sustainable, organic architecture. These eco-friendly homes can be grown from plants, trees, and even meat!


Tim Miano speaking to HackCville

SP@CE welcomed over 50 UVA students through HackCville, an organization that prepares students for careers in startups and entrepreneurship.

Students were eager to learn about what SP@CE is doing to build innovation infrastructure and what it’s like to work at a startup company.

CBIC Tech Tour

Tim Miano speaking to CBIC Tech Tour

The Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) hosted their annual Tech Tour for middle to high school students to introduce them to the region’s technology companies. Miller School students stopped by SP@CE to learn about innovation, startups, and building an innovation district.

Upcoming Events

SP@CE Team: Tim Miano

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Co-Founder, CEIO

Most Passionate About:

Innovation infrastructure

Tim is the co-founder and Chief Executive Invention Officer of SP@CE. Never heard that title before? That’s because Tim invented it. A Virginia native hailing from Portsmouth, Tim studied physics and mathematics at the University of Virginia, graduating in 2004. Over the next 10 years, he completed two law degrees, practiced law at a top DC firm, backpacked across 27 countries, ran a series of entrepreneurial projects, and moved to New York City to work in international economics-based litigation. In 2013, Tim’s entrepreneurial drive and interest in the history of US innovation brought him back to Charlottesville where he has since been laying the foundation for an innovation district.

Quick Q&A with Tim:

What is the best thing about working in downtown Charlottesville?

Having close access to other people and perspectives.

Do you have any side-projects or hobbies? What are they?

Ukulele, international travel, and board games.

Describe the perfect evening after you leave the office.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when I get to go back to the office and keep doing awesome things.

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SP@CE Team: Jacqui Kenyon

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Design Associate


Currently accepting recommendations

Walk into the SP@CE office and you’ll find Jacqui, our in-house Design Ninja, tackling any one of a wide variety of tasks. From creating rolling whiteboard desks, to working her magic on architectural renderings, Jacqui defines the word “cool” at SP@CE headquarters. A true creative, Jacqui’s interest in communicating through art led her to pursue design theory at the University of Virginia. Originally from Richmond, Jacqui chose to stay in Charlottesville after graduation, enticed by the big city amenities and small town vibe. Deciding to turn a summer internship at SP@CE into a full-time gig has allowed Jacqui to pursue her passion for social innovation, as well as continue her favorite Downtown Charlottesville pastime: People watching.

Quick Q&A with Jacqui:

How did you become interested in design?

I have always loved drawing and I became interested in using the tool to communicate ideas to a broad audience when I was exposed to college student design work in high school. Representatives from several art and design colleges visited while I was in high school and I was fascinated by what the students at these colleges were creating.

Professionally, what are you most passionate about?

Exposing myself to new methods of creative thinking and new people while working on projects that create impact in the community.

List your top 5 TV shows:

Daria, House of Cards, Mad Men, Twin Peaks, Portlandia

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SP@CE Team: Gena Mangano

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Brand Strategist

Success Is:

Having a career that doesn’t feel like work.

SP@CE’s Media Guru, Gena, is an expert at elevating creative interests into tradeworthy skills. Gena grew up just over the mountain in Staunton and stayed in Virginia to study Business Marketing at Old Dominion University. It was while attending college that Gena sparked an interest in Youtube product promotion. Working with a variety of fashion and beauty brands, Gena now maintains a website and Youtube channel dedicated to sharing her knowledge with a constantly expanding audience. Just how highly-regarded is Gena’s expertise? Let’s just say even her beagle, Holly, has her own following. Since bringing her many talents to SP@CE, Gena has been amazed by the enthusiasm of Charlottesville’s innovation community.

Quick Q&A with Gena:

How did you become interested in media and marketing?

My passion for art at a young age led me to digital design, which then led me to marketing in college which I love the most.

If you could experience any other profession, regardless of education or training requirements, what would it be?


What would be the title of your autobiography?

An Unpredictable Turn of Events

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SP@CE Team: Savannah Spidalieri

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Operations Manager

Favorite Quote:

“‘Good for her! Not for me.’ That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again.” – Amy Poehler, on comparing yourself to/judging other women.

Though not typically a hat person, here at SP@CE Savannah wears many. A Portland-area native, Savannah has never been able to pick one coast over the other – much the way she prefers to tackle multiple projects, roles, and hobbies at once. After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington with a degree in Creative Writing, Savannah chose Charlottesville as the scenery in which to explore her many interests. Co-Founder and Editor of an annual literary magazine, Savannah keeps one foot in the world of writing. Her role as Operations Manager at SP@CE has brought her closer to another subject she’s passionately interested in: startups and entrepreneurship.

Quick Q&A with Savannah:

Professionally, what are you most passionate about?

Encouraging and being a part of a collaborative, positive workplace culture. That, and continuous learning and professional development.

Describe the perfect evening after you leave the office.

Meeting my husband, Alec, downtown for a glass of wine or a cocktail, then heading to Now and Zen for some delicious sushi. When we get home we curl up on the couch with our two dogs, Sawyer and Indy, and watch reruns of Parks and Rec.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

“Just One More Puppy” and Other Lies

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Now Hiring: Social Media Intern

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SP@CE is looking for an ambitious individual to join our team as a Social Media Intern.

As the Social Media Intern, you will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with helping to build a brand across a variety of social media platforms. You’ll spend time scouring the web for content relating to innovation, entrepreneurship, and much more to share with our online community, and you’ll collaborate with our small, dynamic team to learn the importance of how social media fits into the overall day-to-day operations of starting a business.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with Media Specialist to create and implement social media campaigns
  • Develop content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Schedule posts using Hootsuite and analyze key performance indicators
  • Build brand awareness by increasing follower base and engaging with existing followers
  • Drive traffic to company website to promote updates, newsletters, events, and blog posts
  • Performs research to find articles, stories, resources, and other content that is relevant to the industry
  • Responsibilities may change depending on candidate’s availability and skill level

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about learning, have a solid familiarity with a variety of social media platforms, and be comfortable in a fluid, startup environment. Applicants should have a genuine excitement and passion for using social media to build a brand, and a basic understanding of web culture. We are seeking an intern who possesses confidence in working both collaboratively and independently to generate consistent and brand appropriate content to help SP@CE maintain a strong web presence.

Please send us your resume and a brief email letting us know how an internship at SP@CE would allow you follow and expand upon your aspirations! We look forward to hearing from you!

Now Hiring: Interns

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SP@CE is looking for ambitious high school, undergrad, and early career interns to join our team!

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about learning, have a curiosity for experimenting, and be comfortable in a fluid, startup environment. We are seeking interns who possess confidence in working both collaboratively and independently to see projects through from conception to execution.

SP@CE interns will have the opportunity to explore interests in bio-tech, film and videography, social innovation, entrepreneurship, event planning, data science, and much more. Want to observe (and help us name) some slime mold, or extract DNA out of strawberries? This is the place for you! Interested in bringing the community together by planning a social innovation hackathon, or working with local startups to create a more efficient network for Charlottesville’s entrepreneurs? We’d love to have you!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get some hands-on experience, send us your resume and a brief email letting us know how an internship at SP@CE would allow you follow and expand upon your aspirations! We look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out this form to apply.

September Newsletter

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This is Tim Miano, CEIO of SP@CE, an innovation infrastructure company based in Charlottesville, VA.

Exciting things are happening here at SP@CE, and we’d love to keep you in the loop!

You are receiving this one email because your email address was somewhere in my computer.

But, we want to respect your inbox and not contact you without your permission. So if you’d like to receive occasional updates like the one below, click here:

All the best,



So, a funny thing happened. After being a tax lawyer in DC and NYC for many years, back in 2013, I decided I’d figured out how to build a next-generation technology startup accelerator, quit my job, left New York, and moved to Charlottesville, VA.

… interviewed a few hundred people, made some friends, got help from some very nice people at UVA and in the Charlottesville community, met some investors, developed a series of feasibility studies, cried a little, worked a lot … yada yada yada …

Nearly three years later, I run a project called SP@CE, and things are going pretty good!


SP@CE focuses on three things towards building “innovation infrastructure” in Charlottesville, VA:

  • 👫👬👭 Creation of a public-private partnership
  • ⛰🏗🏯 Building an “innovation district”
  • ☊ ✾ ↥ Building and running incubator and accelerator programs that seed high-impact startups and projects

You can read more about that on our website, Or, you can also check out an article here where I was featured in the local paper, discussing the demand for a centrally located innovation hub.


This Fall we’ll be launching prototypes for several programs (with more to come in the future):

  • ⚗ BioSP@CE Innovation Program
  • 🐝 Social Innovation Program
  • 🛰 Data Science Program

Plus, we will continue working towards developing >100,000 sq.ft. in innovation space and working with the local stakeholder network to strengthen the innovation ecosystem.
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more or participating, please contact us!