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The BioSP@CE Innovation Program involved a series of conversations, videos, and presentations around what’s happening at the bleeding edge of biotech internationally.
Topics included: Living systems, biofabrication technologies, synthetic biology, and products

Discussion followed a series of ideation exercises around potential projects that reflected areas of interest of the group. Emphasis was placed on projects capable of rapid prototyping or other short-term concept-oriented output.

Over 20 guests joined each event — ranging from biologists, artists, architects, engineers, and more — to learn about the cutting edge of biotech.

BioSP@CE events included a variety of hands-on activities for guests to explore biotechnology and inspire them to create projects of their own. Activities included a DNAquiri where DNA is extracted from strawberries using rum and design thinking exercise using slime mold. Shaun Moshasha, from Charlottesville Open Bio Labs, joined to help facilitate the learning activities.

3D Printed Organs GIF

A video was shown about an early-stage experiment that prints human organs to possibly solve the organ-donor shortage problem. The video featured a patient who received an engineered kidney and is now healthy 10 years later.

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This semi-intelligent slime mold seemed to be everyone’s favorite topic. Inspired by biological design and self-organizing systems, artist Heather Barnett co-creates with the microorganism to produce prints, digital animations, and more.

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